Covid situation update (May 2021)

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The second variant of covid-19 is spreading very badly in Nepal creating shortage of oxygen and ICU bed in Hospital. Nepal is under lockdown for almost two weeks and extended till end of May. Even it is broadcasted in Dutch news. All the schools are closed and Children are following online classes who has internet access but in village it is not possible, since there is no internet connection.

Kathmandu is getting day -day worst with more covid-19 cases and death rate of people. The healthcare team already warned the government, that if this situation continues with significant rise of covid-19 patients we need to make a decision not to provide the bed for the people above 70 years of age as the priority needs to be given for younger people. We really hope it will come to end soon and people can have normal life without any fear of Covid-19.

Lock-down is also affecting in life of Phulasi people. All the schools are closed and people are living usual life by maintaining social distance. But of course, They have a fear that what if virus spread in village. No hospital nearby, very difficult to move from one district to another due to strict lockdown. In case of any one had virus and have breathing problem , the options is death as there is no hospital in Phulasi.

We thank you all for all the support you did for the Phulasi people. We don’t know how bad it will go but we hope there will be continues support and love for us. No covid-19 case is found yet in Phulai. Who knows it might spread , since there is already seen in the surrounding area of Phulasi.

Stay safe every one !Namaste 🙏Sichya Foundation Netherlands

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