Project goals

As of 2018, the Sichya foundation is supporting more than 60 children each year in attending school within the village of Phulasi (Nepal) by donating school materials and school uniforms. We are currently supporting four of the seven schools in the village of Phulasi. In the coming years we aim to increase the number of children we provide with materials as well as support the quality of education. Where the distribution of school materials and uniforms is a yearly process, our support for the quality of education comes in the form of projects.

The annual report highlight our specific goals for each year and can be viewed on this page.

Overview of supported schools in Phulasi, Nepal

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page or trhough our facebook page.

On behalf of the children of Phulasi we thank you for your support!


Sichya Foundation