Foundation Project Sichya

Sichya means education in the Nepalese language. Sichya is a Dutch non-governmental foundation, which focus its efforts on the group of children in need within and around the mountain village of Phulasi (Nepal).

These childeren without our help would not be able to go to school even though they are very willing to go.

By giving these children school materials, we are helping them to be able to go to school. We hope that this will give them a better future. Next tot this it also ensures that kids can be just kids and will not be forced to work on the land from a early age.

The board and supports of Sichya in the Netherlands are getting no costs reimbursed or allowances for their work for this foundation. Only the legal needed costs for our foundation and costs for maintain and using a dedicated bank account(s) in Netherlands and Nepal are covered.

Team Sichya (The Netherlands)

Official board:

  • Lars Brouwers (chairman)
  • Thijs Claessen (secretary)
  • Steven Ankersmit (treasurer)

Sichya family & volunteers (The Netherlands)

  • Wouter Nolet (founder foundation) 1987-2019
  • Nicoline Nolet
  • Marlieke Nolet
  • Pema Lama (co-founder from Nepal)
  • Thomas Verburg
  • Roderick Jacobs
  • Robin Jan van Duyne

Advisory board: (in to be developed)

Team Sichya Nepal

  • Mhindup Lama  (Katmandu)
  • Soonam Tshering (Phulasi)