Short update (February 2020)

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We would like to thank all the sponsors, friends and well-wisher,who attend Nepali Dinner organized by Stichting Sichya project Netherlands. It was great to see everyone and had wonderful moment with delicious Nepali food. We welcome new members and sponsors in the Stitchting Sichya project board . A short presentation was given by Pema Lama regarding Sichya project activity. Encouraging and sharing tourism information to the visitors and friends to promote visit Nepal 2020.
The first program after the demise of our dear friend Dr. Wouter Nolet. Who was the founder of the Stichting Sichya project. A very friendly ,helpful and kind hearted person. We will always miss him and he will remain in the heart of phulasi people forever. His support and contributions is immense. He made possible for the under privileged children to go to school in Phulasi. We have a deep respect for his great social work.

Heartily thanks to all the hard working Sichya family members and volunteers in making this program successful. Stay in touch we keep you updated!! Namaste!
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