Attending Beterewerld Dag in Eindhoven at Eckart college (update Pema)

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On 15th May Board members from Stichting Sichya Netherlands attended De Beterewereld Dag program in Eckart college at Eindhoven. A short presentation was givenby Pema Lama and Steven Ankersmit about the Sichya project activity. Children were happy to know more about our project activity, life, and culture in Phulasi and the country Nepal.
We all the board members from Stichting Sichya family would like to give our heartily thanks to all the members of Ecart college for giving us this wonderful opportunity and also to all the lovely and kind-hearted students for supporting our Sichya project. We will do our best to use the support in more effective and beneficial way so that we can support more children and schools. Namaste !!!

More info in Dutch via deze pagina


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