2022- short update

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A short update to all the Sponsors, friends and well-wisher of Sichya Foundation Netherland. The year 2021 was bit heavy for every one of us due to the well-known universal covid-19 pandemic. In the year 2021 , 122 students received an educations materials from Sichya. The materials like school uniform, Scouts uniform and education materials(copy, pen, pencils) were distributed to the children of Kalidevi high school , Boudha Bisli school, Milti primary school and karthali primary school.

Also we started a library project in the memory of Late Dr. WouterNolet( Founder of Sichya foundation) at Boudha Bisli school. The library project is still undergoing. Once it is completed we will hand over to the school. Beside this ,teachers training was given to the Safal gole tamang. She is a primary teacher from Boudha Bisli school. This training program was made to enhance the teaching skills and improve the English language of the teacher. We hope she will be well- trained and share her knowledge in all the school of Phulasi.

Thanks to all the sponsors, friends and well-wisher of Sichya Foundation Netherland for your generous support. Without your support it wouldn’t be possible for us to spread our helping hands. Your small support is making some one very happy, motivating , offering opportunities and of course giving small financial relief to the low income family in phulasi. Keep us supporting our little project we keep you updated.

HOPE NEW YEAR 2022 WILL BE A JOYFUL AND PEACEFUL YEAR.Namaste!💐🙏💐Sichya Foundation Netherland / Sichya Team Nepal.

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