Sichya Activity Update 2023

February 27,

Education materials and Sports materials distributed to Kali higher secondary school , Boudha bisli school, karthali school and Milti janajyoti school. In total 150 children were supported during this distribution program. School management committee, teachers , parents and children were very thankful to Sichya foundation Netherland for this generous support.

May 17,

Sichya Foundation Netherland was awarded with certificate of appreciation from Boudha Bisli School. The certificate was hand over to the Sichya foundation Netherland Nepal’s project co-ordinator Sonam Lama and Mhindup Lama by Manthali Municipality Mayor Mr. Laba Shrestha in presence of Manthali -14 ward chairman Mr. Motilal Tamang, School management chairman Mr. Ranjit Tamang and school principal Mrs. Sushma Thokar Tamang. Sichya Foundation Netherland family is very pleased and feel even more responsible as our hard work is valued and got recognized by the community of phulasi. It is our continuous and unexhausted hard work of last 12 years. Nevertheless, All the credit goes to our dear friend founder of Sichya Foundation Netherland “The Late Mr. Dr WouterNolet” and all the hard working Organization members and sponsors.

Sichya Foundation Netherland family is thankful to all comitted individual, in making this event successful. We wish you all a good luck in upcoming days.

Namaste 🙏,

Sichya Foundation Nethetland Family

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